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About the carat weight of your diamond.

Carat – Understanding the importance of this much-used term.

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Carat weight is one of the areas that are recognised as making up the 4Cs when assessing the quality of each individual diamond. Introduced by the GIA, and universally accepted, the remaining three are a diamond’s colour, its cut and finally the clarity. If you’d like to know more about each of these, please click on the relevant word above. The same applies to much more about the GIA certification process.diamond’s colour, its cut and finally the clarity. If you’d like to know more about each of these, please click on the relevant word above. The same applies to much more about the GIA certification process.

Diamond Carat Weight Diagram

The key factors affecting carat weight in any purchase.

The cost is not your only consideration when considering your options, and then deciding on a carat weight. Part of your decision will be personal preference, both your own and your future bride’s. Inherent in this is the style to be created and then worn, and a single-carat stone can make the perfect impression in some cases; in others, you might choose a five-carat weight of diamond that works to perfection.

While the appearance of size is an important element of the choice to be made, it does then pay, to give close attention to the shape of the diamond you choose. Elongated shapes, such as marquiseoval or rectangular cuts, tend to give the impression of a greater carat weight than they may actually possess. When choosing your diamond engagement ring, a narrow band or halo setting can add an impression of increased size to the diamond. Our team will be happy to put our more than 35 years of expertise at your service in crafting the very best impression possible for your chosen setting.

How to avoid giving over-importance to a diamond’s size.

A diamond’s size is only one factor when making a purchase. This is why, here at Kush Diamonds, we only sell stones of the highest standards, each fully GIA certified before purchase. This is because, while larger weights of stones for a comparable price might seem like a good idea, the diamond in the finished engagement ring will simply look grey or brown in colour. Our team would never use such stones, as they would display none of the astonishing see-through brilliance or radiance of the best of diamonds.

Considering the cut grade of your diamond as well as its weight.

A final point is tied to what we have previously discussed. When cut with the proper proportions, the maximum amount of light or sparkle is returned out of the top of the diamond. This means that a diamond, cut to the highest of standards, like the ones we select for our Kush Diamonds customers, reflects the light out of the top so superbly that the stone itself can appear larger. On the other hand, a poorly cut diamond of a higher carat weight, can have much of that extra hidden in its base, therefore appearing smaller than it should.

Discussing carat weight – and many other points.

If you want to know more about carat weight and cut, or have any other questions, please call our Kush Diamonds experts on 03 9602 3337. We are always happy to answer those questions, vital to your decision making of the right choice of diamond engagement ring.

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