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Heart Cut Diamond Rings

a rare cut delivering an eternal message

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As romantic as it is feminine, this unwaveringly symbolic style of cut has been known for more than five centuries. Its first appearance was in a painting of a princess from the very early 1600s. The name then appeared in print a few decades later.

Interestingly, it is not found as often as you might expect, offering as it does the expression of an emotion that is key to your purchase. Many who do wear a heart-cut diamond engagement ring appreciate it more because of its relative rarity. The diamond cut itself, and at Kush Diamonds it will always be GIA certified, should contain symmetrical halves, with a clear and distinct cleft, and perhaps be enhanced by wings or lobes. Such skilled and handcrafted work is undertaken only by our own highly skilled and experienced Kush Diamonds specialists.

Should you be proposing on Valentine’s Day, there would be an added frisson to such a choice! However, heartfelt, and shaped, a romance must gain you a deserved reward at any time!

Heart Cut Diamond Rings deliver more than words can often say.

The special lady who receives such a ring from you is romantic in her soul. She will know she is truly precious to you, and will love to wear the ultimate symbol of intimate and mutual devotion. It is a difficult cut, even for our immensely skilled team, and she will understand the true effort that has gone into your choice. A strong heart is a sign of youthful energy and lifelong optimism; a heart-cut diamond ring setting is the ultimate demonstration of your appreciation and love.

Cost of a Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

The Kush Diamonds approach is to intimately handcraft each piece of work only in our own well-established Melbourne CBD workshop, using our own highly-experienced craftsmen. Our aim is always to create a superb and unique heart-cut diamond engagement ring, just as you want it to be, and for the budget figure, you have chosen.

* As an indicative, our heart-cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation.

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