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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

matched to the wearer’s personality

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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are eternally popular and much admired.

This is recognised as one of the most enduring of cuts, noted for its rectangular table accompanied by step-cut facets. This provides a mirror-like finish, one where any inclusions will be clearly visible, meaning that the quality of the stone is of vital importance. The emerald cut truly highlights the radiance and clarity of the diamond itself.

Choosing an emerald cut, GIA-certified diamond, perhaps handcrafted into a spectacular halo engagement ring, Is both your nod to jewellery’s great heritage and a chance to make a bold statement with the highest quality in diamond workmanship. The emerald cut is often compared to the lines used in the best of architecture and presents superbly with an octagonal aspect. Kush Diamonds never outsources its work; this means that selecting an emerald cut diamond engagement ring will see our talented in-house master jewellers craft a piece you’ll find both stunning in its brilliance and sleek in its elegance.

An Emerald Cut Diamond matched to the wearer’s personality

This cut can be traced back, in its style, for half a millennium. Emerald-cut diamond rings started to bear this specific name around the 1920s and became one of the enduring symbols of the emerging art deco style. This reflects its popularity among women who tend to be as bold as this style saw itself to be. The person who wears your emerald-cut diamond engagement ring will appreciate its architectural style and perhaps be influenced by this in her other fashion choices and life interests.

Cost of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Kush Diamonds’ highly experienced specialists work intimately to handcraft your emerald-cut diamond engagement ring in our long-established Melbourne CBD workshop. They work with dedication and skill to create that superb ring you wish for, while always respecting the budget you have available.

* As an indicative, our emerald cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation.

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