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Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings offer a tribute to history

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Asscher cut diamonds were developed in Amsterdam well over a century ago by Joseph Asscher. This unique design proved quickly to be a favourite around the world. It has also found a new popularity in the last few years because of its beauty and shape, also known as square emerald cut diamonds.

The creation of Asscher cut engagement rings came at the start of the Art Deco movement. Incidentally, Joseph Asscher was held so esteemed that he was later commissioned to cut the legendary Cullinan diamond to allow it to take its place in the Crown Jewels of the British royal family.

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings offer a brilliant aspect across their rectangular faceted pavilion. Delighted recipients have even said it seems to have a unique ‘hall of mirrors’ effect, which adds to its appeal.

The brilliance of an Asscher diamond ring is much appreciated by those who enjoy classical jewellery stylings. You know you’re getting quality when this diamond shape has completely parallel sides. When you want only the best emerald cut, our Kush Diamonds handcrafting team produces memorable engagement rings – always using only GIA-certified diamonds.

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings and the wearer’s personality.

Such a brilliant cut of diamond often, but not always, has an art deco-style vintage feel. Compared to other shapes, this is an elegant piece, and when your loved one wears it, it will surely display the same traits as your bride-to-be in her unique and highly feminine way. Its recent increased popularity has also made these emerald-cut diamonds the engagement ring of choice for many of today’s leading movie stars.

Cost of an Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Kush Diamonds experts will intimately handcraft your choice of an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring here in our Melbourne CBD workshop. We aim to offer expert advice about the custom asscher diamond ring that we can craft with elegance and skill while always keeping to your agreed budget.

* As an indicative, our Asscher cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation

Distinctive Elegance: Wholesale Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

In the radiant world of diamonds, every cut tells a story, every facet whispers a secret, and every shimmer holds a memory. Among these myriad stories, Asscher cut diamonds stand tall with their distinctive elegance, narrating tales of vintage glamour and unique charm.

Its signature squared shape and dramatic step facets evoke olde grandeur. The cut embodies a rich legacy of craftsmanship and design, blending history with contemporary allure, which our wholesale team transform into engagement rings of your choice.

By choosing Kush wholesalers, your cut diamonds will be secured into a piece of timeless jewellery while also ensuring unparalleled value. Wholesale options provide the advantage of competitive pricing without compromising on the quality and brilliance that the emerald cut is renowned.

A Reflection of Your Unique Love Story

Each Asscher diamond, with its deep pavilion and captivating light performance, mirrors the depth and uniqueness of individual love stories. Its geometric precision is a testament to the meticulous care and attention built upon lasting relationships. Opting for this cut is a declaration of a love that dares to be different, values authenticity, and cherishes individuality.

Celebrate your unique journey of love with an asscher cut engagement ring – a radiant testament to a bond as distinctive as the diamond itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do asscher diamond rings symbolise?

Asscher diamond rings, primarily recognised for their distinctive cut, do not inherently carry a specific symbolism different from other diamond rings. However, their unique features and history can imply specific attributes:

  • Vintage Charm: The Asscher cut dates back to 1902 and gained significant popularity in the 1920s. Choosing an Asscher cut can signify an appreciation for retro style, evoking the glamour of bygone eras.
  • Uniqueness and Distinction: The Asscher cut is less common than other diamond formations. Opting for an Asscher diamond cut can symbolise a desire to stand out and choose something distinct.
  • Depth and Intrigue: Asscher cut diamonds are known for their deep pavilion, high crown, and dramatic step facets, creating captivating reflections and depth. This can symbolise a profound and multifaceted love or relationship.
  • Precision and Craftsmanship: Given the technical precision required for Asscher cut diamonds to showcase their beauty, it can also represent an appreciation for craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Like all diamond rings, the primary symbolism associated with Asscher diamond rings is love, commitment, and value. The specific cut and style often reflect personal preferences and the individual character of the relationship.

What type of settings compliments Asscher cut diamonds?

With their unique blend of vintage appeal and modern geometric lines, Asscher cut diamonds can be accentuated beautifully with various settings. Here are some settings that will give your diamond ring its unique and stylish look:

  • Solitaire Setting: Asscher cut diamonds to take centre stage with this choice. The simplicity of the solitaire setting highlights the stone’s unique geometry and step-cut facets.
  • Halo Setting: Surrounding the emerald cut diamonds with a halo of smaller round or pave-set diamonds can enhance its size and symmetry. This amplifies the allure of the Asscher cut.
  • Bezel Setting: This modern setting surrounds the diamond with a thin metal frame, offering a sleek and contemporary look that complements the Asscher cut’s clean lines.
  • Channel Setting: Asscher cut diamonds can be flanked by smaller diamonds or gemstones set in a channel on the ring’s band. This setting not only adds sparkle but also provides a balanced look.
  • Three-Stone Setting: The Asscher cut can be paired with two smaller side stones, which could be other Asscher cuts, trapezoids, or even half-moon shapes. This setting symbolises the past, present, and future of a relationship.
  • Pave Setting: A band encrusted with tiny diamonds around the main Asscher cut stone can amplify the engagement rings overall sparkle and elegance.
  • Vintage Setting: Given the Asscher cut’s roots in the early art-deco era, settings with intricate filigree work can beautifully enhance its vintage charm.
  • Prong Setting: Four to six prongs can securely hold Asscher cut diamonds for bespoke engagement rings. This elevates the diamond, allowing more light to enter and enhancing its luminance.

When selecting a setting for an Asscher cut diamond ring, it’s crucial to consider the wearer’s lifestyle and personal preferences. The setting should showcase the diamond’s beauty and offer protection, especially since the cropped corners can be prone to chipping if not properly protected.

Does buying wholesale still mean buying quality cut diamonds?

When customers have their engagements rings created by us with our loose diamonds, you can ensure you’re getting the very best jewellery at a great price. Kush Diamonds never compromise on cut, colour, clarity or carat and our expert team ensure your completed Asscher cut diamond ring is the very best quality and fit.

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