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Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings offer a tribute to history

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The Asscher diamond cut was developed in Amsterdam, well over a century ago, by Joseph Asscher and proved quickly to be a favourite around the world. It has also found a new popularity in the last few years. You might find it described elsewhere as a square emerald cut.

This creation came right at the start of the art deco movement. Incidentally, the man himself was held in such esteem that he was later commissioned to cut the legendary Cullinan diamond to allow it to take its place in the Crown Jewels of the British royal family.

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings offer a brilliant aspect across their rectangular faceted pavilion. Delighted recipients have even said that it seems to have a unique ‘hall of mirrors effect.

An Asscher cut diamond ring is much appreciated by those who enjoy classical jewellery stylings. You should look for completely parallel sides, and our Kush Diamonds handcrafting team produces such pieces for truly memorable engagement rings – and always using only GIA-certified diamonds.

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings and the wearer’s personality.

Such a brilliant cut of diamond often, but not always, has an art deco style vintage feel to it, and this would appeal to the person you are selecting it for. This is an elegant piece, and when she wears it, is sure to display the same trait, in her unique and highly feminine way. Its increased popularity in recent times has also made it an engagement ring of choice for quite a few of today’s leading movie stars.

Cost of an Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Kush Diamonds experts will intimately handcraft your choice of an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring here in our superb Melbourne CBD workshop. Our aim is to craft your diamond engagement ring with elegant skill, while always keeping to your agreed budget for the piece.

* As an indicative, our Asscher cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation.

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