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GIA-Certified Diamonds at Wholesale Prices

Whether you’re looking to buy loose diamonds or selecting a centre stone for your bespoke diamond engagement ring, Kush offers high-quality GIA-certified diamonds at wholesale prices. When you shop with Kush, you’re always dealing directly with a diamond and jewellery expert, with no commission incentives and only your best interests at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between wholesale and retail diamond prices?

Retail diamond prices are often significantly inflated by overheads and high profit margins. In many retail situations, a loose diamond is sold to a manufacturer, and then sold on again to a retailer. By the time the diamond reaches the customer, it’s been marked up numerous times. Retail diamonds can easily be 1.5 to 3 times more expensive than their original wholesale price.

Do you offer genuine diamonds at discounted wholesale prices?

Yes, with our incredibly low diamond prices, you can enjoy amazing beauty and fantastic savings. Kush Diamonds is your trusted source for unbeatable certified loose diamonds, diamond rings and engagement rings. We’re both a diamond importer and skilled jewellery manufacturer. All of our diamonds have been carefully examined and hand selected. When you shop with us, you never pay hidden fees, middleman mark-ups or commissions on beautiful diamonds or unique pieces. Instead, you deal directly with a diamond and jewellery expert, as you save.

Do your diamond prices fluctuate?

Yes. As we are wholesalers, prices are determined by unpredictable market fluctuations which can happen at any time without warning. As with commodities such as oil or gold, diamonds, no matter where they’re mined or cut, are traded in US dollars, meaning the higher the Australian Dollar is worth against the US Dollar, the lower the price you pay.

Are your diamonds genuine and ethical?

Yes. We offer low prices because we are wholesalers and jewelers ourselves. By cutting out the middleman, we can pass on greater savings to our customers. All of our diamonds are GIA-certified, and individually inspected and selected by our diamond experts and master jeweller. We only buy ethical conflict-free diamonds, and you can rest assured that such diamonds represent about 99% of the market today.

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