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What you need to know about GIA Certified Diamonds

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GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. It was established in 1931, and it is recognised as the world’s foremost world authority in diamond authenticity assessment. It provides the education and instrumentation, research and laboratory services to the diamond industry that are vital in accurately and objectively assessing gemstone quality. GIA introduced its Diamond Grading Report in 1955. Which is based on what is recognised as The 4Cs – and these are ColourClarityCut and Carat weight.

When you spend time on our website, you’ll see many references to all our Kush Diamonds engagement rings being handcrafted using only GIA-certified stones to create the perfect ring. This means they have been independently assessed with a diamond grading report to ensure diamond quality. Each cut grade purchased from Kush Diamonds comes with its original GIA certificate, which then becomes our client’s property. You can be confident that by choosing us, you’ll be delivered unmatched quality and supreme handcrafting skills – and the vital peace of mind that GIA Certified diamonds provide!

How to Choose The Perfect Diamond

This is why ensuring that any purchase you make is GIA-certified diamonds is essential. Such a certificate serves as a blueprint explaining any stone’s unique qualities. This adds confidence to your purchase, knowing that what we tell you about any diamond results from such an independent and detailed assessment. When you choose Kush Diamonds, you are assured of the GIA-certified quality of the diamonds and their clarity grade used in your chosen ring setting. As we mentioned, their certification report will accompany any diamond you buy from us.

Our Kush Diamonds team also recommends that you have your engagement ring purchased independently and fully insured, and this report will be vital in this process. All the diamonds we use also have a laser inscription of the diamond certificate or diamond report number on the girdle of the diamond. This provides instant verification and delivers added security and peace of mind when making your diamond purchase.

Further Insights into the GIA Diamond Certification Process

After much research, the GIA Certified Diamond Cut Grading System was introduced in 2005. This assigns one of five clarity grades to help provide a description of the overall cut quality of a standard round brilliant diamond in its D to Z colour range.

GIA protects the authenticity of its reports by introducing key security features, including a security screen, hologram and microprint lines. This prevents reports from being duplicated or even forged. GIA also provides a useful Record Check service to allow you to be sure that the report’s contents match that held on their own GIA database.

If you have other questions about diamond certification

The Kush Diamonds team are happy to provide further information about the GIA at any time, so you can purchase diamond jewellery with confidence and to answer any questions you may have. Please call us on 03 9602 3337 and tell us what you need to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is every diamond at Kush GIA certified?

Yes, while some diamond sellers may certify most diamonds, every item we sell or create into a bespoke ring has GIA certification.

Do GIA-certified diamonds cost more?

At Kush Diamonds, we sell our diamonds at warehouse prices without compromising quality. Whether you buy a single diamond or have a bespoke ring made, you can be certain you’re getting a flawless finish.

Where can I find more information about GIA-certified diamonds?

We recommend contacting us directly for further information, and we can spend time explaining why this grading is essential to diamond quality, or you can visit the GIA website directly.

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