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We are one of the leading diamond wholesalers in Melbourne. We guide you through the process of choosing the perfect diamond and diamond engagement ring. Our team of diamond experts explain the intricacies to look for, giving you the security that you’ve made the right choice. At Kush we nurture & respect that each of our clients are different, so is their piece, and so will be the service they receive.

Trust our 40+ Years in Diamonds

We pride ourselves on educating you and giving you the information you need to make the right informed choice. Over 40+ years as Melbourne diamond wholesalers, we have forged unparalleled name in the Australian diamond industry.

We have an exquisite range of the world’s finest GIA diamonds that are lovingly handcrafted into stunning jewellery that will last the test of time. We handcraft them into stunning jewellery that will last the test of time. Your custom made diamond engagement ring will be as unique as the relationship it celebrates.

Quality Diamonds at Wholesale Prices

We sell at wholesale prices, direct to the public.
Leaders in the diamond engagement ring market, Kush offers genuine wholesale prices with a guarantee to beat any competitor’s price.

That means you get receive the best quality and prices available, and we back this up by having all our stones certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). Competitive global pricing matched with unrivalled quality.

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Wholesale Diamonds in Melbourne

Custom Made Engagement Rings

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    Round Cut

  • Princess Cut

    Princess Cut

  • Cushion Cut

    Cushion Cut

  • Emerald Cut

    Emerald Cut

  • Oval Cut

    Oval Cut

  • Pear Cut

    Pear Cut

  • Marquise Cut

    Marquise Cut

  • Asscher Cut

    Asscher Cut

  • Radiant Cut

    Radiant Cut

  • Heart Cut

    Heart Cut

3 Step Diamond Ring Process

step 1.

Select your Perfect Diamond

Our experts guide and educate you in choosing the perfect diamond. Choose from our stunning range of GIA certified and ethically mined diamonds. View a selected sample of our diamond selection via our online diamond database. Sort by shape & price to find your perfect cut.

step 2.

Design your Dream Engagement Ring

Once you have decided on your budget or one dream diamond you are welcome to book an appointment at our central showroom for a free no-obligation viewing. Our designers will capture your vision of the dream piece you wish to create. We offer ongoing consultation until your design is picture perfect.

step 3.

We Handcraft Your Jewel

Your engagement is then crafted meticulously by our award winning in-house master jeweller, pouring into it love, inspiration & a lifetime of expertise. Your custom made diamond engagement ring will be as unique as the relationship it celebrates. Our artisans meticulously hand-carve, hand-set and carefully hand-finish your piece to ensure your beautiful design is adored and appreciated for years to come.

GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA, the Gemmological Institute of America is the worlds foremost authority on diamonds worldwide which exists to protect all purchasers of gemstones, by providing the education, laboratory services, research and instruments needed to accurately and objectively determine gemstone quality. GIA graded and certified diamonds have ALL been independently assessed and we provide this assessment with every diamond, giving you peace of mind when you purchase from Kush Diamonds.

With our incredibly low diamond prices, you can enjoy amazing beauty and fantastic savings. Kush Diamonds is your trusted source for unbeatable certified GIA diamonds and fine high quality yet affordable engagement rings at wholesale discounts. We’re both diamond importers and skilled jewellery manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the diamond trade. All of the diamonds offered as a part of our stunning loose diamond and fine jewellery collections have been carefully examined and hand-selected.

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These are diamonds that we are passionate about sharing with our customers. With dedicated jewellery craftsmanship, we place our diamonds in individually handcrafted shining settings. Our in-house master jeweller makes each unique engagement ring with meticulous care. So you receive exceptional and unbeatable quality direct from the source. When you shop with us, you never pay hidden fees, middleman mark-ups, or commissions on beautiful diamonds or unique pieces. Instead, you deal directly with diamond wholesalers and jewellery manufactures, who creates affordable unique engagement rings and other exquisite pieces of jewellery. Experience the Kush difference.

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Kush Diamond Advantages

40 Years Experience

With over 40 years experience, you can trust Kush to guide you. We help you make the right choice.

100% Australian Owned

Kush Diamonds is proudly Australian. We service the Australian marketing with unparalleled quality, prices & service.

Gia Certified Diamonds

We Offer Diamonds Graded by GIA. Peace of mind starts with proof of quality, you can be 100% sure you are receiving the highest quality GIA diamonds available globally.

Custom Made Jewellery

Our jewellery is custom designed and handmade. You receive something truly unique at wholesale prices.

5 star reviews

We pride ourselves on delivering a 5 star service. This shows in our 40 plus years of delighted customer reviews.

Wholesale Rates

We sell direct to the public, meaning you receive the best prices and highest quality diamonds. No middle-man, just direct to you.

Diamond Wholesalers Melbourne

Delighted Customer Reviews

Diamond FAQs

Yes. The GIA Diamond Cut Grading System, introduced in 2005 after years of extensive research, assigns one of five grades to describe the overall cut quality of a standard round brilliant diamond in the GIA D-to-Z color range. Fancy shape diamonds (Cushion, Princess, Oval, Radiant, Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Asscher, Pear) however, are not graded for Cut as yet by GIA.
In 2002, a coalition of governments, non-governmental organizations, and the diamond industry established the Kimberley Process to control the export and import of rough diamonds to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds. Today 99% of diamonds in the marketplace are conflict free.
All GIA reports contain security features such as a hologram, security screen and microprint lines that prevent them from being forged or duplicated. Also, GIA’s Report Check service can verify whether the information on the report matches what’s contained in the GIA database.
Everything at Kush Diamonds is custom-made so you can either choose a design from our website or have one of our talented master jewellers create something unique for you.  Our custom designs covers all budgets and styles of engagement rings, and is only limited by ones imagination.
Yes, with our incredibly low diamond prices, you can enjoy amazing beauty and fantastic savings. Kush Diamonds is your trusted source for unbeatable certified loose diamonds, diamond rings and engagement rings. We’re both a diamond importer and skilled jewellery manufacturer. All of the diamonds have been carefully examined and hand selected. When you shop with us, you never pay hidden fees, middleman mark-ups or commissions on beautiful diamonds or unique pieces. Instead, you deal directly with a diamond and jewellery expert, as you save.
Our master jeweller offers a range of metals from 18ct White gold to Yellow and Rose Gold, as well as Platinum.
It usually takes 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your design, from when you have selected your diamond and ring design.
Yes. We believe you cannot buy diamonds unseen, this is why we offer all our clients the opportunity to view diamonds available first hand with their naked eyes prior to purchase.
Yes. In staying true to our high standards of customer satisfaction, we offer a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects in craftsmanship. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or damages incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, or theft.
Yes, as we are wholesalers prices are determined by unpredictable market fluctuations which can happen at any time without warning. This is because as with commodities such as oil or gold, diamonds, no matter where they’re mined or cut are traded in US dollars, meaning the higher the Australian Dollar is worth against the US Dollar, the lower the price you pay.

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