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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Our Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings are both GIA certified and much admired

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GIA-certified & Much Admired Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

This supreme diamond for engagement rings is well-named, matching its square cut or rectangular area with the sweep of gently rounded corners. A cushion-cut diamond comprises fifty-eight facets and delivers a light performance that enhances its often brilliant aspect in your chosen cushion-cut engagement ring setting.

The cushion cut is one of the more traditional presentations developed over a century ago. Its popularity gained strength in the early parts of the twentieth century. You may also find it referred to as the pillow cut, as it is usually seen at its best when completely parallel sides lead into its gentle, rounded edges.

Choosing a cushion cut engagement ring to suit your style means you will present a stunning classic image of elegance and vintage-inspired designs, suggesting your serious and passionate intent.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings For Lasting Style

With cushion cut diamonds an enduring choice, settings often reflect a more vintage appeal. This style is usually the perfect engagement ring for women who appreciate history and are drawn to and passionate about the vintage era.

Cushion-cut rings are timeless, and our Kush Diamonds team are ready to custom-make your halo engagement ring with a diamond of your choice. By crafting a unique piece, your cushion diamonds will sparkle with timeless elegance and style.

Cost of a Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

We always aim to craft stunning and unique cushion-cut engagement rings at a highly affordable price. Our Kush master Jewellers create each piece of work in our well-established workshop in the Melbourne CBD.

Our team makes it easy for you to create dream engagement and wedding rings, whether you match your cushion diamond with rose gold in a halo setting or have another unique shape in mind.

* As an indicative, our cushion cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation.

The Timeless Romance of A Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion cut, often called the “pillow cut,” is one of the most revered and timeless diamond cuts in the jewellery world. With its rounded corners and larger facets, this design maximises brilliance, giving it a distinctive luminosity.

Features of Cushion Diamonds

  • Vintage Appeal: Owing to its history dating back to the 1800s, the Cushion diamond has a classic love story and romantic charm. Its old-world allure makes it a favourite among those who appreciate vintage aesthetics.
  • Versatility: Its unique shape allows it to be set in various designs, from classic solitaires to more intricate vintage halo engagement rings.
  • Brilliance: The cushion cut, with its 58 facets, is crafted to optimise the diamond’s brilliance. Its larger facets enhance its ability to reflect light, making it one of the most radiant cuts.
  • Variability: The Cushion Cut comes in diverse variations, from more elongated to near-square proportions, allowing for personal customisation based on preference.
  • Durability: The round brilliant cut of these diamonds enhances their aesthetic and reduces their proneness to chipping, making them a durable choice for everyday wear.

For those seeking a diamond ring that blends historical charm with modern-day brilliance, the Cushion Cut is an impeccable choice for your setting. Its versatility and unique features make it an excellent choice for engagement rings and other fine jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cushion Cut diamonds more expensive?

The cost of diamonds, including Cushion Cut diamonds, is determined by combining the 4 Cs: Carat, Clarity, Colour, and Cut. Compared to other shapes like the Round Brilliant, Cushion-Cut diamonds are often less expensive per carat.

What is so special about a Cushion-Cut diamond?

A Cushion diamond, with its unique blend of vintage charm and contemporary elegance, stands out for several reasons:

  • Vintage Allure: Its classic design evokes a sense of timeless romance, making it a favourite for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics in engagement rings.
  • Distinctive Shape: The round diamond corners and a square or rectangular body create a soft and romantic look. This distinctive shape sets it apart from more angular cuts.
  • Brilliant Sparkle: With its larger facets, this timeless choice is designed to maximise the diamond’s brilliance.
  • Versatility: The Cushion-Cut is adaptable to various ring settings, from solitaires to halo engagement ring settings. Its shape complements both contemporary and traditional designs.
  • Variability in Appearance: Cushion-cut engagement rings have variable facet patterns. Some have a “chunky” appearance with clear, broad facets, while others possess a “crushed ice” look, giving buyers more options to choose a diamond that aligns with their aesthetic preference.
  • Durability: The rounded edges of the Cushion Cut make it less prone to chipping, offering beauty and resilience.

Is the colour of clarity better for Cushion-Cut engagement rings?

Both colour and clarity are significant factors for Cushion-Cut engagement rings, but their importance can vary based on personal preferences. Due to its larger facets, the cushion cut can reveal more colour than other shapes, making a higher colour grade potentially more desirable.

These same facets can sometimes hide inclusions better than other cuts, allowing for a slightly lower clarity grade without visible imperfections. Ultimately, the balance between colour and clarity will depend on individual priorities and budget considerations. Consult our trusted jeweller, who will guide the decision-making process when in doubt.

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