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Princess Cut Diamonds

A truly innovative style

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Princess Cut Diamond – a vibrant personality.

The Princess cut diamond is a relatively new creation, designed first in 1981 by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itskowitz. You’ll notice the square modified brilliance of these stones, and we find this an increasingly popular choice for our stunning engagement rings, often enhanced by beautiful side stones. Like an upside down pyramid, it offers a square, rectangular or tapered face, matched with an inverted pyramid setting, with its weight in the pavilion. The face-up effect may appear to be slightly smaller than diamonds of alternative shapes, while you’ll notice that the facets and faceting can provide wide variety in scintillation as well as the pattern of sparkle.

With the diamond cut appearing much later than many of the more traditional options, you might immediately expect the woman who loves this presentation style to be modern in her outlook. Often her striking presence and determined attitude is matched with a willingness to embrace the creative, and also seek out alternatives. Such a positive personality is often driven to be the best, and is both courageous and passionate in the way she lives her life and the challenges it presents. This often matches so well to the striking presentation of our stunning princess cut engagement rings.

Cost of a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

At our Kush Diamonds Melbourne CBD workshop, we carefully handcraft each individual piece with both skill and patience. We aim to create your stunning and unique princess cut diamond engagement ring, while keeping within your total budget.

* As an indicative, our princess cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation.

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