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Marquise Cut Diamond Rings

Marquise Cut diamonds offer a stunning reality and amazing illusion

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Marquise Cut Diamonds

When the love of your life slips a marquise-cut diamond engagement ring onto her finger, its unique shape of cut creates an optical illusion that can make the diamond itself seem larger than it actually is. This is because it is shaped in a form similar to that of a little boat, and this is sometimes referred to as ‘navette’, a French term that has this meaning.

This style may well be due to the marquise cut being named in honour of a mistress of King Louis XV, as the shape seemed to mirror that of her smile. Our team of superb handcrafting specialists will always pay great attention to the symmetry of this cut. The slightest of flaws can leave an uneven and unbalanced appearance – as unacceptable to our Kush Diamonds team as it would be to you when making this unique choice.

Marquise Diamond Rings and a matching personality.

This style of ring is always popular amongst individuals who have a modern outlook on life. Such a woman might be complimented as being creative, different, and even edgy. As you would agree, she is in a class of her own! She is willing to reset the rules and is daring enough to set her own standards in a unique life. To tell you that the lady the marquise cut was first created for was thought to be the sensational Madame de Pompadour, both highly educated and intellectual in outlook, perhaps confirms these earlier thoughts.

Cost of a Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

At Kush Diamonds, we intimately handcraft every unique choice of diamond engagement ring here in our well-established Melbourne CBD workshop. Always respecting your agreed budget, we then craft the marquise-cut diamond engagement ring you will both love.

* As an indicative, our marquise cut diamond engagement ring prices start from $2,000 – depending on exact diamond specifications, market fluctuations and intricate details of your creation.

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