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Preparing for your wedding day, and future life together is an unforgettable experience.

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Preparing for your wedding day and future life together is an unforgettable experience. You are building memories to last a lifetime, and a key part of this will be your thoughtful choice of wedding rings. Making such a selection should never be stressful. It should always be exciting and joyful, and our experienced team here at Kush Diamonds works tirelessly to ensure this for you and your loved one.

Many of our wedding ring customers will also have chosen their perfect engagement ring from the stunning range of choices we provide. Whether this is true of you or you haven’t yet discovered Kush Diamonds, our skilled craftsmen can create diamond wedding rings Melbourne to match your style and budget while providing a perfect pairing for bespoke engagement rings. The finished wedding ring will sit completely flush with your engagement ring, offering the style and impact of a true set pair.


Choosing your
wedding ring

If you already have a wedding ring design in mind that is close to your heart, we will work with you to custom-make the perfect ring and turn your dreams into reality. We offer a stunning collection of examples and guidelines as a starting point for your discussion with our master jewellery designer. As you will see from our illustrations, there is a wide range of plain gold and the finest diamond wedding bands.


Wedding rings
for brides

The perfect wedding ring for the bride can be plain 18c gold – whether of white, yellow or rose gold; stunning platinum rings are also finding favour with today’s brides. Providing superb combinations of white and yellow gold or white and rose gold stylings is also possible. Alternative diamond wedding ring styles for the bride are offered in Claw, Pave, Micro-Pave and Channel set designs- endless options for each woman’s unique taste.


Men’s wedding rings

A wedding band for the groom can also be plain gold, two-tone gold designs, or platinum designs, in your choice of width and thickness, edge or detailed designs. Diamonds can be evident on the outside or secreted inside the band. The finish can be either polished or matte, whichever adds most to the feel and style.

Rings for both future life partners can also reflect the style they wish to embrace, whether modern sophistication, antique, art-deco or filigree. The choice of wedding rings can mirror the intricacies of your relationship and the nuances of individual personalities. Whether it’s a minimalist design, a grand statement piece, gemstone jewellery, or a classic diamond, the wedding ring is a testament to your unique love story.

Just as every couple is different, the wedding bands chosen can serve as a silent communicator of a shared journey, hopes, and dreams. It’s more than just a piece of fine jewellery; it symbolises commitment, passion, and the life you’ve envisioned together.

Your creative partnership with Kush Diamonds

Expert jewellers uniquely create each wedding ring. Our craftsmen are of the old school here in our boutique central Melbourne workshop, where, for almost half a century, we have been dedicated to designing wedding rings that will mean even more as the years pass.

After you contact us, we take the time to learn about you, your ideas, style and attitude to life. This allows us to suggest possibilities that best match who you are and will be when you wear wedding rings.

Many clients are hugely impressed by our standards we set, but equally so by the amazing value, Kush Diamonds offers. This is thanks to our commitment to buying the finest of gold and only GIA certified diamonds your loose diamonds and wedding rings direct from the wholesale market and then completing the creative process ourselves. You buy direct and expensive middle men have no chance to significantly inflate the price you pay!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a wedding ring cost?

The cost of a wedding ring varies greatly and depends on several factors, including design, materials used, craftsmanship and the gemstones incorporated. There’s no set price for wedding rings, as it truly depends on the style and preferences of the buyer. Some might opt for a simple band, which generally costs less, while platinum wedding rings with high-quality gemstones or the finest diamonds will likely be more expensive.

When looking for great value, Kush Diamonds provides high-quality rings at a fraction of the retail price because they eliminate many overhead costs associated with traditional retailers. We ensure that couples seeking the ideal wedding jewellery find something that suits your style and budget.

What happens to your engagement ring when you get married?

When you get married, the engagement ring remains a symbol of the commitment made during the proposal. Traditionally, here’s what typically happens to the engagement ring during and after the wedding:

  • Wedding Ceremony: During the wedding ceremony, the focus is usually on the exchange of wedding bands. Before the ceremony begins, the bride might move her engagement ring to her right hand, making her left hand’s ring finger available for the wedding band. This is done because, traditionally, it’s believed that the wedding band should be worn closest to the heart.
  • After the Ceremony: After the ceremony, the bride can move the engagement ring back to her left hand, placing it on top of the wedding band. Many brides wear the engagement ring and the wedding band together on the same finger. Some even get them soldered together eventually to make them one piece.
  • Maintenance and Care: Post-wedding, it’s a good practice to periodically check the engagement ring (and wedding band) for wear and tear. Some couples opt to have their rings cleaned, inspected, or even repaired if necessary.
  • Wearing Preferences: While many brides wear the engagement ring and wedding band daily, some might choose to wear only the wedding band or the engagement ring on certain occasions to minimise wear or for practical reasons.
  • Heirloom or Passing Down: Some couples pass their engagement rings down to future generations as a family heirloom.

Ultimately, what happens to your engagement ring after getting married is a personal choice and can be influenced by cultural, family traditions, or personal preferences.

Do couple’s wedding bands need to match?

A couple’s wedding bands do not necessarily need to match. The decision to have matching or differing wedding bands is personal and can be influenced by various factors, including individual tastes, cultural or family traditions, and budget considerations. Ultimately, the most important thing is that both partners are happy with their rings. Whether they choose to have matching bands or go for individual designs, the rings should resonate with personal tastes and the significance of this symbol of their commitment.

Can I design any type of wedding ring with Kush?

When you’re looking for exceptional quality wedding or engagement rings in Melbourne, we are known for creating bespoke diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to ensure the bride and groom can celebrate their eternal love precisely as they wish. We have a large selection of diamonds, gems and precious metals that can be expertly crafted into the perfect wedding jewellery for your upcoming nuptials.

What do wedding rings symbolise?

Wedding rings carry profound symbolism and have been used for centuries across various cultures and religions. Here’s what they typically symbolise:

  • Eternal Love: The circular shape of a ring, which has no beginning or end, represents eternity, continuity, and unending love. This reflects the everlasting commitment and bond that the couple vows to uphold.
  • Commitment: Exchanging rings physically manifest a binding and solemn promise between two individuals. It signifies a pledge of loyalty, fidelity, and mutual respect.
  • Unity: The act of wearing wedding rings symbolises a union between two people. It signifies that two individuals have come together as one in partnership and unity.
  • Value: The materials from which wedding rings are often made, like gold, silver, or platinum, have intrinsic value. This can represent the invaluable nature of the relationship and the depth of their commitment.
  • Covenant: In religious contexts, the ring can be a covenant or a sacred bond between the couple and the divine. For instance, in Christian ceremonies, the ring can be seen as a symbol of God’s unending love and the couple’s promise to uphold their vows in the eyes of God.
  • Identity: Wearing a wedding ring also signifies to the outside world that a person is committed to someone. It serves as a public and personal reminder of the marital status and the special bond they share with their spouse.

While the design and materials of wedding rings can vary widely across different cultures and personal preferences, their symbolic significance as a representation of love, commitment, and unity remains universally recognised.

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