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Tips to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Tips by Diamond Jeweller Sabrina Kushnir
Expert Jewellers guide to Shopping for Engagement Rings in Melbourne

7 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

1. Narrow Down What Shape You Want

Creating a bespoke ring starts from the centre! The most important part is knowing what shape centre diamond you would like.   Perhaps go shopping and get her to try on a wide array of rings in all shapes to see what she loves, or ask her best friend to take her on a girls date and find this information out for you.  Otherwise perhaps she has a saved collection of rings on her Pinterest, instagram or phone? This is usually super helpful and can give us the perfect guidance to get started.  Every shape is priced differently and each has a different price per carat. Round cuts are the most expensive whereas marquise and oval are less so. If the size is important to you, you can get more carats at a better price when you choose a fancy shape , as opposed to the classic round cut. Getting the shape right is vital before you embark on narrowing down other specifics.

2. Have a Budget in mind

The age-old question of quality versus quantity also applies to engagement rings. Some people prefer a larger stone to a whiter stone, while others want the absolute purest possible diamond, despite the carat count. Quality specifications will always be available in any budget range. To know what you can afford you must first know how much you want to spend. Remember you budget will ultimately dictate the size, so don’t get worked up on specifications matching your budget. Just like buying a house or a car, you cant always match your budget to what you want, prices are set globally for diamonds, it is a matter of dealing with a wholesaler gem merchant like us to give you the best for your money. To buy smart you must be aware of this.  Listen and be guided to the experts who will either give you options in a carat size or a budget.

3. View Diamond options in person before committing 

Creating your engagement ring takes time and skill. Take your time to shop smartly. GIA Certified is the most experienced and trusted gemstone laboratory on the global market. At the wholesale market GIA graded stones are traded and this is what you should buy for your engagement ring. Pro tip- ask to come in and view the diamond together with its GIA Certificate. This way you will see what you are being offered and get a full consultations about the diamond options. Seeing the diamond and the certificate is #1 rule to being an informed and smart purchase. Diamonds cannot be budget or compared based off a certificate or a photo- this doesn’t not give you a holistic view or show you how the diamond looks IRL – in real life! You will be wearing the diamond not the certificate, always keep this in mind.

4. Buy GIA Certified diamonds only

A GIA Certificate doesn’t necessary mean its is a good or great diamond- be careful. It is simply a scientific laboratory report done by a human to check characteristics. As a consumer gives you the informed information to understand what you are buying at a scientific level. Do not trust GIA Certificates without seeing the diamond before hand- do not buy diamonds based on a certificate if the diamond is overseas. Seeing the diamond and the certificate is #1 rule to being an informed and smart purchase.

5. Choose a Metal for the Band

Traditionally, engagement rings are made from white gold, yellow gold or platinum. In recent years we have had many consumers choose Rose gold as an alternative. Choose between Platinum and 18ct Gold. If your partner has severe skin allergies then Platinum is highly recommend over 18ct. Otherwise both of these metals have their own pros and cons. One does not look superior to the other, the difference lies in how they wear long term. While platinum may look identical to 18ct White Gold initially, platinum is significantly more expensive as it has a greater density however it scratches earlier and deeper. 18ct is easier to maintain by a jeweller. Ask us for further tips in choosing the best metal for you.

6. Be Smart About the Quality of the Cut and Clarity

Save big by purchasing the lowest colour diamond that will still look colourless to the naked eye, H at Kush Diamonds. The difference in price between a D colour and a H colour is enormous, but do you see the difference to your naked eye? Not necessarily. View diamonds to understand what we are referring to here.  As for clarity, the same concept goes. Opt for the lowest clarity diamond that is still clean to the naked eye, as it’ll look identical to a flawless diamond assuming all else is equal. SI2 is an average clarity in the Australian market whilst Flawless we refer to as an Investment quality diamond. Remember, there is no answer to what quality you should buy- individual preference is where this alters. Cultural differences may also affect what you prefer to purchase and influence your decision. Remember if you don’t see it visually is it worth paying for?

7. Head to a Manufacturing Jewellery and Diamond Wholesaler 

Avoid unnecessary markups. A wholesaler and private jeweller work with customers on a one-on-one basis to create a bespoke ring for them.  Moreover, because we don’t have the overhead traditional retailers do, we can save them more than 50 percent, giving them the best bang for their dollar. Buying direct from gem merchants and private jewellers it the ultimate to bespoke fine jewellery, receiving the best quality at the best price tailored to you. The difference between us at Kush and others on the market is that we are genuine wholesalers- we invest in the stock, hand-picked and available in Melbourne and we also hand-manufacture all of our rings in Melbourne. We are not a frontage- we are a genuine wholesale and jeweller experience- one which only those who do their homework and research in have the benefit of working with and experiencing the benefits of!


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Author: Sabrina Kushnir


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