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Choosing precious Metals

Interested in discovering more about Metals and the options we offer? What metals is our jewellery made in at Kush Diamonds?

Our fine jewellery is available in both Platinum or 18ct Gold.

First lets give you a glimpse into the world of Gold (Rose, White, Yellow). Ct being the measure of gold purity. 18ct gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. Therefore 18ct gold is more resistant to tarnishing and corrosion than any other gold. We do not work with lower levels of gold for example 9ct or 14K as these have less pure gold and are not durable enough for fine jewellery and everyday wear. Our Gold- whether Yellow, White or Rose, is also Nickel Free!

Now onto the alternate option- Platinum. We can create any style in Platinum upon request. Platinum is highly valued and durable. Platinum scratches deeper than 18ct and cannot be polished back to sparkling brand new condition like it counterpart. The colour of Platinum however is purely white, as opposed to White Gold, which is an alloy of Yellow ore and requires a Rhodium plating finish. Hence Platinum keeps the whiteness better than White Gold. Those with extreme skin sensitivities tend to choose Platinum due to these allergy free benefits .

Is Platinum better than 18ct Gold? NO! Each type of metals has its own pros and cons.

This becomes a personal preference, we are happy to work with clients in either of these metals and colours. Check out our sample portfolio of styles to give you a starting point in creating your bespoke ring.


Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

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