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How to clean your jewellery during COVID-19

The expert’s advice on how to keep your diamonds and jewellery sparkling during COVID-19

The safest way to clean your rings at home is with warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent (we use Morning Fresh). With the excessive amount of hand sanitisers, lotions and soaps we are all using during this pandemic jewellery will be caked with debris. Soak your jewellery in a bowl or cup with warm water and detergent for a few minutes use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove all excess dirt. Make sure to get behind your stones in the settings where dirt and grime can accumulate. Once you have brushed all the excess dirt rinse with clean warm water. Dry jewellery with a tissue and voila- your sparking jewels are back!

How to Clean Your Jewellery


Keep it simple- warm water, dishwashing liquid and a clean soft toothbrush! There is no need to go out and invest in an ultrasonic cleaner- these are simply unnecessary for home cleaning.

But are you wondering what to do with your pearls, coral or turquoise? WARNING: BE CAREFUL, these are porous and should be approached with extra care. Cleansers should not be used on any organic gems. Hand sanitisers can cause surface damage or cracking to these gemstones. Solution- remove any jewellery before hand washing, sanitising, showering and applying lotion. We hope you have been doing this pre-corona as well. Most people disregard how fragile natural gemstones of this kind are.

Our simplest advice if this basic method at home is still too difficult…

Take your rings off before washing and sanitising and moisturising!

And we hope you have already been removing all jewellery while cooking, cleaning, exercising (lifting heavy weights). This is vital for pre, during and post pandemic.

Think of your jewellery like your precious LV handbag. Do you treat them with extra care, avoid getting them wet and getting products on them? Well why don’t you treat your jewellery like this? It’s amazing how human psyche works.

Bespoke Diamond Engagement RIng

One last thing—don’t kill your darlings! If you are resting your rings on the sink while you scrub, please be sure the drain is closed, okay?


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