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A Diamonds Perfect Cut

Diamond Cut

The Cut is the most objective and scientific measurement of a diamond’s proportions, arrangement and alignment of the facets, and quality of the polish. In an perfect cut stone, the light entering the diamond reflects and refracts creating the fire, brilliance, and scintillation (“sparkle”) in the stone. The Cut is a result of the artistry and craftsmanship of the diamond cutter, to maximise the return of light. Diamond each vary in cut, and its the first most visible factor to the naked eye.

Of the 4 Cs, the “Cut” is the most crucial component to a particular stone’s overall beauty. The Cut should not be confused with the “shape” of a diamond. The Cut is only measured for Round Brilliant diamonds. All other shapes do not receive a “Cut” grade, but rather a polish and symmetry grade. The “Cut” is therefore more subjective for these shapes, and the beauty of the stone is more subject to the overall “look” that you may be trying to achieve.

GIA grades diamonds cut for Round Brilliant diamonds according to the following criteria-

Proportion- How the size and angles relate to the different parts of the stone.
Symmetry- How precisely the various facets of a diamond align and intersect.
Polish- The details and placement of the facet shapes as well as the outside finish of the diamond.
Ideal Cut
Diamonds Ideal Cut


A diamond must have an ideal cut otherwise it will not sparkle or appeal to the eye, it will be dull and flat.

Kush Diamonds offers only the best Russian Cut diamonds available globally. All diamonds can be viewed to the naked eye to assess cut amongst all other factors.


Ideal Diamond Cut
How to achieve a perfect diamond cut

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