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The History of Oval Cut Diamonds and Oval Engagement Rings

Oval-shaped diamonds have been around for centuries, but the oval cut and oval engagement rings that women know and love today were not introduced until the 1960s. Diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan designed the modern oval cut, and quickly gaining recognition in the diamond industry for his ability to take severely cracked or flawed diamonds and cut them down into smaller, beautiful stones.

Effortlessly stylish


The oval cut diamond is sleek and modern, considered to be a combination of the round brilliant and pear shape cutting styles. In fact, many women prefer the oval cut over the popular round brilliant cut because the oval shape makes the diamond appear larger. This shape also has the power to make the wearer’s fingers seem longer and slimmer.

What to look for


If you are shopping for an oval diamond, you should choose a stone with a length-to-width ratio of 1.33 to 1.66, optimal for this type of stone.However, if you are adding side stones to your setting, you may want to consider choosing a wider oval diamond to avoid elongation.

The ‘bowtie’ effect


You should also take the ‘bowtie’ effect into consideration when shopping for an oval cut diamond. The bowtie effect is a term given to an area of decreased sparkle and darkness that appears in the middle of all elongated diamonds. Before you buy a diamond, make sure the bowtie effect doesn’t distract from the brilliance of the stone. Getting a stone inside the ideal ratio range and with excellent symmetry will have a bowtie that is less noticeable.

Kush Diamonds offer a stunning range of oval engagement rings


Luckily, the oval cut diamond is as versatile as the round brilliant and beautifully complements a wide variety of engagement ring settings; the options are endless when it comes to choosing a setting for your oval cut diamond. But remember, the most important thing is finding a setting that you love. Our expert jewellers are knowledgeable and experienced in creating the perfect ring, so take the time to look over different metals and settings until you find the exact combination that speaks to your personal style and preference. If you have more questions about finding the right oval cut loose diamond and creating your unique engagement ring, find out more about our services, or contact us today at (03) 9602 3337

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