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The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Melbourne

If you’re thinking of buying a piece of diamond jewellery, your head is probably spinning with the variety of options available. Nearly everyone who’s spent any time in a jewellery store has heard of the ‘four C’s’ (carat, cut, color and clarity), but do you know the benefits of buying certified loose diamonds instead of a pre-set piece of jewellery with an ungraded diamond? 

There are many benefits of buying wholesale loose diamonds. Some of these benefits include value, selection of certified diamonds, lower prices and being able to easily inspect each stone.

Loose Certified Diamonds Hold Value Longer

Certified loose diamonds hold their value longer than diamonds that are pre-set into jewellery pieces like engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Diamond values do change over time, but certified diamonds are always worth more. 

If you’re thinking of buying a pre-set piece of jewellery, consider buying the stone separately online and then having a custom setting designed. Since the diamond has been certified by a trained gemologist and then placed into a custom setting, it will hold its value longer than a pre-designed piece with uncertified diamonds.

Availability Of High Quality Loose Diamonds

Shopping online for wholesale loose diamonds in Melbourne means you will have access to a wide variety of diamonds from which to choose. Even after narrowing the broad selection down to your preferred cut and carat weight, you’ll still have plenty of diamonds available that meet your needs. 

More Certified Diamonds

Not all loose diamonds are certified diamonds, but Kush Diamonds offers a large selection of graded diamonds. If you’re interested in buying certified diamonds, you’ll find some on our site that are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamonds in Melbourne means only one stop which is Kush Diamonds.

If you purchase a pre-set piece of jewellery and later want to have the diamond certified, you’ll have to first have it completely removed from the setting, which can be expensive and may even damage the setting. To avoid excess costs and potential damage, it’s preferable to always buy loose diamonds that are certified.

Low Prices On Loose Wholesale Diamonds in Melbourne

Shopping for wholesale diamonds means you’ll be able to find something for an incredible price. What’s more? Visiting a reputable jewellery store — such as Kush Diamonds — will allow you to choose from a large selection. 

This makes the choice to buy loose diamonds and then placing them in a custom designed setting an easy one.

Loose Certified Diamonds Are Easier To Inspect Than Pre-Set Stones

If you’re not a professional jewellery grader, it can be difficult to inspect diamonds for visible flaws or inclusions, especially if the diamond is already set into a piece of jewellery. The metal prongs of the setting can get in the way and hide any flaws.

Loose diamonds, on the other hand, can be easily inspected with a special jeweller’s tool called a loupe and then set into a custom piece of jewelry. If the stones aren’t certified diamonds, you should look for flaws under the loupe’s special magnifying glass. If the stones are certified diamonds, you can check them against the grading report that accompanies each of the loose certified diamonds.

If you’re looking to buy beautiful certified diamonds, make Kush Diamonds your first stop. You’ll find a wide selection of wholesale loose diamonds to choose from!

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