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Looking to buy loose diamonds in Melbourne, Victoria? Or are you looking for the perfect diamond for your engagement ring?

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Our aim is to make the process to buy diamonds in Melbourne, Victoria as easy and stress free as possible. Whether you’re looking to buy loose diamonds as an investment or buying a diamond ring for someone special, your choices are endless.

Our comprehensive online database enables customers to view our large selection of diamonds and create a shortlist of those they wish to view. With the option of filtering by shape and price, it’s easy to find the perfect one for you. You may already know what your loved one wants, whether it is a princess cut, cushion cut or round brilliant cut diamond. If not our wide range of diamonds is a great place to start to ensure the diamond that suits the personality of the chosen receiver is found. 

We carry a large hand picked selection of GIA Certified diamonds including the following diamond shapes: round, princess, emerald, cushion, oval, heart, marquise, pear, asscher and radiant. Our online database is just a small selection of what we can offer you and a great place to start the diamond buying or diamond engagement ring buying process. On most other websites, you will view a diamond inventory that’s not even owned by the business. Gain peace of mind by working directly with a jewelry store in Melbourne, Victoria who owns the diamonds and is invested in your satisfaction.

At Kush Diamonds, you can buy loose diamonds in Melbourne at remarkable prices and receive one-on-one free specialist assistance. We specialize in Triple Excellent diamonds, with their qualities ranging from D to H Colour and from Flawless to SI Clarity and help you buy loose diamonds that are finished properly and free of noticeable natural blemishes. 

Trust an experienced jeweller and diamond specialist specialising in GIA certified loose diamonds with 100% of our diamonds having certificates issued by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). We do not sell diamonds certified by any gemmological laboratory other than the GIA, the most authoritative laboratory in the world, who uses the strictest grading criteria for diamonds. It is a myth that diamonds certified by other laboratories around the world are equal in quality to GIA certified diamonds but simply just cost less.

Try out search tool above to view a sample selection of loose diamonds currently on offer or contact us for a broad selection of GIA certified loose diamonds in Melbourne to match your individual requirements.

Once the selection has been narrowed down to a chosen few (or that special one), book an appointment to come in for a viewing in our well-appointed showroom in the Melbourne CBD. Viewings are free from cost and obligation.

  •   Round Cut

    Round brilliant diamond cut
  •   Princess Cut

    Pricess diamond cut
  •   Cushion Cut

    Cushion diamond cut
  •   Emerald Cut

    Emerald diamond cut
  •   Oval Cut

    Oval diamond cut
  •   Pear Cut

    Pear diamond cut
  •   Marquise Cut

    Marquise diamond cut
  •   Asscher Cut

    Asscher diamond cut
  •   Radiant Cut

    Square radiant diamond cut
  •   Heart Cut

    Heart diamond cut

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