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Tips for Creating a Custom Engagement Ring in Melbourne

When you find a love as unique as yours, it only makes sense to design your own custom engagement ring that’s just as unique. 

If you’ve browsed the jewellery stores in Melbourne and haven’t found something you love or you simply want more meaning behind the ring, consider creating a custom engagement ring in Melbourne. With our guide, you’ll know the perfect way to do it.

1. Allow Extra Time

A custom ring design takes much longer than choosing a ring out of a jeweller’s display case. The process involves creating the design from scratch and then actually bringing that design to life.

You’ll engage in discussion with the artist to share your actual design ideas and could have to continue the discussions if you want to make any changes to the design the craftsman creates.

If you want to build your own engagement ring, start as early as possible. 

The process typically includes an initial design consultation, sketched design, 3D model or computer rendering, adjustments to the design and the actual creation of the ring. It can take six weeks or more to get your custom ring once you order. Having patience during the process makes it easier to handle the nerves.

2. Set Your Budget

It’s always important to have a budget in mind when you start engagement ring shopping. When you buy a pre-made ring, you can easily see the price tag and know whether the ring is in your budget. 

When you design your own ring, the various materials, elements and intricacy of the conception all factor into the cost, so you won’t know the total price until you choose all your design elements. Having a cap for your budget prevents you from going overboard.

A budget can also help you make decisions on some of the design elements. For example, you might opt for palladium instead of platinum to get a similar look for a much lower price. You might choose a slightly smaller center diamond to keep the project under budget.

3. Select Your Jeweller in Melbourne Carefully

The jeweller you choose is one of the most important aspects of designing your ring. It affects how well the entire process goes. Working with a reputable dealer with extensive experience in designing and creating jewellery is important. Your significant other will wear this ring forever, so you want it to be a well-made piece of the highest quality.

Another aspect of selecting a jewellery store in Melbourne is finding someone who shares your vision and is willing to bring it to life. You want a jewellery store who listens to your design input and includes it in the ring. If a jeweller focuses primarily on a style that’s completely different than your vision, you may find the process is more complicated.

4. Consider Her Tastes

When it comes down to it, this ring is all about your sweetie. You want to wow her not only with the proposal but also with a ring that truly fits her personality and style. How do you go about figuring out what she might like? If you haven’t gone ring shopping together, it may take a little investigative work.

Here are some ways to figure out what she might want in her custom ring design:

  • Look at the general style, metals and stones in her existing jewellery collection
  • Consider her overall style — does she like flashy or simple things?
  • Ask her close friends or family members for hints
  • Casually browse rings with her either online or at the jewellery store to see what draws her eye
  • Consider her job and lifestyle so you choose a ring that can keep up with her
  • Ask her outright for suggestions if she already knows the proposal is coming

No matter what, the ring will be meaningful because you designed it yourself. However, it will be even more touching if it suits her tastes. She’ll see that you know her well and cared about creating something she loves.

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