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Considering Purchasing Loose Diamonds Wholesale?

Have you been considering buying an engagement ring? Have you thought about buying loose diamonds wholesale and getting them set in to a handcrafted ring made to your specifications? If so, you have come to the perfect place as Kush Diamonds can help with both decisions!

We fully understand that proposing to your soon to be fiancรฉ can be a nerve wracking time. There are so many details to consider for this exciting occasion and the pressure is on to get everything just perfect. Shopping for the perfect diamond, or diamonds, to go in to your perfect ring can be a big decision and not one that you are necessarily familiar with making. Thatโ€™s why we aim to make the process simple and straightforward, with so much choice out there we can help you refine your search easily.

We have a searchable database that allows clients to browse a huge range of stones, then refine their requirements and make a short list of those they would like to view. With options to clarify by the cut or price, it becomes a simple way to whittle down to the ideal choice for you. Perhaps you already know the cut you want, in which case you can quickly narrow down the stones that meet your criteria. If you are waiting to be inspired, our wide range of shapes and sizes is the perfect way to fire up your imagination!As your fingers do the walking, let your heart lead you to the perfect piece.

Whatever your choice, rest assured that all our stones are specially selected GIA certified diamonds. A certificate accompanies each stone and attests to its cut, clarity, colour and carat. This independent audit provided by the Gemmological Institute of America means that you can be completely confident in your purchase from us.

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