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What is the risk in buying from Online Diamond Stores ?

Buying Diamond Online Risk


This is the kind of diamond you should NOT buy and here’s a quick story and a lesson that everyone can use when purchasing an engagement ring.  Our client came in to our office to look at different oval diamonds for a custom engagement ring they were interested in purchasing and based on their specs and price range we provided them with the best available options.  After our meeting they went home and researched online to see if they could do better and came up with this diamond which was the lowest priced option in the size and quality bracket.

Now there is a reason it was so cheap-  a huge black crystal inclusion dead in the centre that would be noticeably visible with the naked eye.  Of course our client did not have access to the photo and only saw the GIA report listed on this online vendor’s website.  When our client inquired through this vendor’s website as to whether or not this diamond was eye clean they were told “yes” which is a big lie.  We researched it further and were able to attain this photo from the wholesaler of the diamond and helped save our future client from a potential disaster.   These online websites never actually possess the diamonds and only act as a third party between the manufacturer/wholesaler. These websites call themselves wholesalers but are far from it. They simply list diamonds on their website, not owned by them, they have never seen or viewed the quality of the diamonds they are selling as a third party.  Their only goal is to sell at a cheap price with no regard for how the diamonds look in person- they will not tell you if the diamond is eye clean, hazy/milky or off on the colour, and most likely they will not make quality jewellery as they are not jewellers either.  At Kush Diamonds we inspect each diamond carefully before presenting it to our clients.  By adding a a touch of in person service you can trust in the  process and expect a great diamond that is priced accordingly.  Be cautious when shopping online and understand you are taking a great risk by purchasing something sight unseen without the guidance and custom service of a real life professional.

If you wish to learn more about our Bespoke services, https://www.kushdiamonds.com.au/book-a-diamond-viewing/

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