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Triple Excellent Diamonds

What is a Triple X Diamond?

Triple X diamond is our trade term referring to diamonds that have Excellent cut, Excellent polish and Excellent symmetry. A diamond’s cut, symmetry and polish grades indicate the quality of craftsmanship that went into transforming a diamond rough into a polished stone. All three affect a diamond’s interaction with light and are described on GIA Diamond Grading Reports as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, to Poor . Our diamonds which are all Russian cut in our factory are 99% Triple Excellent. We source only the best quality and craftsmanship of diamonds around the globe.

Top notch craftsmanship ensures that a diamond gives off maximum light and fire while having an attractive pattern. This is what you may refer to as ‘sparkle’ and ‘brilliance. A diamond which has been cut to Triple Excellent standards has the best and most sparkle attainable by diamond cutting standards.

Cut is a diamond’s most important factor. It determines a diamond’s proportions — its depth and the angles of its facets — which in turn affect how light bounces around in a diamond. An Excellent cut grade means that a diamond has been cut within parameters that allow the diamond to give off intense brightness, sparkle and fire, while having an even pattern of light and dark areas (scintillation). Poorly cut diamonds often have large light or dark patches that make the stone appear dull or uninteresting to the eye. Cut is visible via the naked eye ,there is no technical tool required to see the cut of a diamond.

Buying Triple X Diamonds 

Buying a triple excellent diamonds is vital should you want the diamond to sparkle and appeal to the naked eye at every angle. However, this is not the be it and end all to choosing diamonds. You must make sure there are no eye visible inclusions or extremely strong fluorescence. Cut, polish and symmetry grades need to be considered in relation to other quality factors. At Kush Diamonds we understand the importance of each and every factor. We specialise in the holistic approach when working with our clients.

At the end of the day, a diamond’s quality must be considered holistically with all factors taken into consideration. The Triple X designation is only meaningful if the diamond also has great colour and clarity. Triple X diamonds cost a little more than diamonds with lower cut, polish and symmetry grades, but the price difference might be worth it. After all, the Triple X designation signals that a diamond has been carefully and masterfully crafted.

Triple Excellent Diamonds
L-R: Excellent Cut, Good Cut, Poor Cut .



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