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The Perfect Diamond to Suit Your Personality

How does a Woman’s Personality affect Her Choice of Diamonds?

Is it true that outgoing personalities favour baguettes while quieter types prefer the timeless elegance of the brilliant cut? Different personalities prefer different diamond shapes – which can be extremely useful to know for men struggling to decide what engagement ring to choose!

In-depth knowledge of human psychology combined with experience working in the Australian diamond market has imbued me with an unparalleled appreciation of customer preferences.

Diamonds are cut in many fanciful forms including baguettes, pears, square, emerald cuts and many more. Among them, however, the classic is the round brilliant which originated in the first century BC and has enduring popularity. The round  is cut perfectly to transform the insignificant rough stone into a fiery, scintillating gemstone.

The most popular diamond is the brilliant cut, which is the traditional round diamond. This shape’s popularity transcends through generations and has always kept its classic appeal. Women who have a classic, elegant taste tend to prefer the round brilliant cut.Modern shapes such as princess, marquise or pear are more popular with women who don’t like the look of traditional round diamonds and want something unique yet exceptional at the same time.

Clues to the right choice are based on the special ladies personality and her taste in style and dress. The ladies who prefer the traditional look (nothing fancy) tend to like the simple solitaire white gold/yellow gold band with one beautiful set diamond. Whereas those who like more bling tend to go for solitaire with perfect diamond set on the shoulders of the setting.

Many men come to us questioning, what shape diamond should I buy? As we love the art of customising each engagement ring to suit the style of each lady and we understand the human psychology behind their ladies preferences, we believe it is critical to first understand their personality any other attributes which help us choose the perfect diamond that will epitomize them throughout their lifetime.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you understand and narrow down the choices when it comes to purchasing a diamond:

Diamond Shape

Personality and Style


Classic & Elegant. This woman is traditional yet eludes classy elegance. She has a sentimental  quality about her.


Modern. This woman dares to be different; she is physically striking and determined. She is creative and thinks outside the square. She is also very strong, positive and driven. She has passions and dreams which she takes on with courage.


Romantic. This woman is sentimental, loving and an icon of beauty.


Sophisticated. This woman is original; she does not follow fads and trends. She is elegant and demure.


Strong. This woman is bold. She has an architectural style in her dress and influences.


Vintage flair. This is for the woman that adores the antique look. She is sentimental and takes inspiration from periods in history.


Modern. This is for today’s woman that is edgy, different and creative. This lady likes to create a league of her own. She is different and unique. She does not like to live within the rules and dares to create her own standards.


Ultimate symbol of Romance. This is the ultimate in feminine. This woman is precious and embodies youthful energy.

There are many more perfect diamond shapes and cuts available, the above pointers are just an example of the standard shapes available on the market. Many engagement diamonds become family heirlooms transcending love for many generations to come.  Consider the personality and style of your women as this is ultimately a symbol of your love which lasts forever.

Think outside the box when selecting the diamond shape for you future fiance. Our diamond specialists are always intrigued and interested in helping you choose the diamond to best reflect the personality of your love one.

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