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The Diamond Jubilee – World’s Most Prestigious Easter Egg

With Easter approaching Faberge unveiled its ” Diamond Jubilee Egg,” which was created as a commemorative prize for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt in London as well as to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The life size egg was crafted with precisely 500 grams of rose gold and the design of this one-of-a-kind prize is based upon Faberge’s much loved Matelass jewelry collection. It features 60 gemstones “one for each year of Her Majesty’s reign”  set in the pleats of its quilted rose gold surface and comprising of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

The Diamond Jubilee Egg which is valued at over $157,000(US) will be the supreme prize in the world’s most prestigious Easter egg hunt underway in London.

We at KUSH Diamonds have long been inspired by the work of famous Russian craftsman Peter Carl Faberge. Faberge has long been called the greatest craftsman in the age of craftsmen and has been linked to a host of legendary creations including a ruby cup, once owned by the legendary Cleopatra the Great of Egypt.

Today, when just about anything quantifies as art, it is refreshing to encounter the works of Faberge, for whom quality and technical achievement were matters of concern. Faberge did not create art for art’s sake but rather for the sake of men and women. Being a world famous jeweller and creating an enduring legacy to the world of Faberge, he is an invaluable inspiration to our values behind the KUSH brand- the belief  that our diamond jewellery creations are works of art, each unique to their own and with their own story and legacy.

The Diamond Jubilee Egg is a melting pot bringing together the old world and new worlds of the House of Faberge.


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