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How To Know Your Partner’s Ring Size Before Searching For Jewellers In Melbourne

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Searching for jewellers in Melbourne can be daunting, especially if you don’t know your partner’s ring size beforehand. To help you find out your partner’s ring size without them finding out the big surprise, we have prepared a list to give you some tips on how to go about stealthily obtaining their ring size.

  1. Ask Their Close Friend 

Your partner’s close friends will usually know what size ring they take; as long as they can be trusted. The advantage here is that if they don’t know, then they can easily ask your partner or ask them the next time they are out shopping, without giving anything away.

  1. Trace Around An Existing Ring 

If discussing with their friends is too difficult or risky, then tracing around one of their existing rings will work just as well. Simply find one of their rings and trace around the outside and inside of the ring. When you take this sketch into a jeweller, they will then be able to determine the ring size from your sketch.

  1. Take In One Of Their Rings 

If you’re feeling brave enough, then ‘borrowing’ one of their rings from their jewellery collection is a very useful method. The hard part (apart from not getting caught) is making sure that it is a ring that they wear on a similar finger,but don’t wear too often so they won’t notice that it’s missing.

  1. Lie 

If you are good at ‘storytelling’, then you can get creative with how to find out their ring size. You can be subtle and tell them that you are wanting to buy a ring as a gift for your sister or mum, then you ask them for their ring size as a reference. You could even tell them that your friend is looking for an engagement ring and is having trouble finding the ring size. You can then ask them what their ring size is so you can ‘help’ your friend.

Searching for jewellers in Melbourne without knowing your partner’s ring size can be an uphill battle. Avoid the stress that comes with engagement ring hunting by viewing the private Kush Diamonds showroom on Little Collins Street. With GIA certified diamonds, a personable service and wholesale prices, finding that perfect engagement ring has never been easier. Contact us on (03) 9602 3337 or make an online enquiry via the Contact Us form for an obligation free viewing today.

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