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How to Buy GIA Wholesale Diamonds in Melbourne

Whether you’re shopping for wholesale diamonds as a complete novice or as someone with a fair bit of knowledge on the subject, this easy-to-read, quick guide will help you understand the in’s and outs of buying GIA diamonds wholesale. 

How to buy wholesale loose diamonds: The 5-step process 


Step 1: Learn about GIA certification and explore diamond education


Why buy GIA wholesale diamonds?

GIA stands for the Gemmological Institute of America which is the world leader for diamond certification. It provides the strictest grading criteria used by diamond experts and sellers around the world, including Kush Diamonds. It was the GIA who established a universal grading system to determine the quality of diamonds and other gems. 
What does a GIA certificate tell you?
The GIA evaluates the quality of a diamond through an unbiased and scientific assessment. The four main factors that describe the diamond quality are known as the 4C’s.

The certificate also describes the diamond’s proportions and other factors such as fluorescence, polish and symmetry, all of which are considered in conjunction with the above 4C’s.

The GIA certification will also tell you if the diamond you are buying has been treated with any modifications to conceal any flaws and improve its original colour. This is something to look out for as common diamond treatments such as; laser drilling and fracture fillings, can decrease the diamond’s structural integrity and make it less durable. However, this is not something you have to worry about when buying from Kush Diamonds as we only stock natural untreated diamonds of the highest quality.

Visit our GIA diamond education page to get more easy-to-read, comprehensive information.

Want to know more benefits of buying a GIA-certified diamond? Click here to read a detailed guide.

Step 2: Learn about diamond wholesale and retail prices in Australia


Why buying wholesale loose diamonds is cheaper

The biggest attraction to buying diamonds wholesale rather than retail is that you save money by cutting out the price for the middle man.

A diamond wholesaler, like Kush Diamonds in Melbourne, imports and supplies diamonds in bulk with a big discount for their high-volume orders. Retailers buy these loose wholesale diamonds and sell them to customers for a high price that includes overhead expenses. On average, you would be paying double the amount at a retail store than at a wholesaler. 

A diamond wholesaler stamps out all the middlemen costs by offering wholesale prices directly to you, which means you’re not paying for any hidden fees or commission incentives. You only pay for what you receive.

Step 3: Get a quote & go for a diamond viewing


Kush Diamonds - Engagement Rings in Melbourne

Book a complimentary diamond viewing at our Melbourne CBD store, to see a range of wholesale loose diamonds.

Get a diamond quote

If you already have an idea of the exact type of loose diamond you want, get in touch with the gemmologists and diamond graders at Kush Diamonds over the phone or via email to get a free quote and more information on diamond specifications.

Book a complimentary diamond viewing

While shopping for wholesale loose diamonds online offers convenience, there are many who are not comfortable with buying such a high-value item without seeing it in person first. There could be many risk factors such as flaws that can be photoshopped away in the pictures you see online. This is where diamond viewings come in useful.

At a diamond viewing, you can appreciate a diamond’s beauty in detail, and analyse its quality by checking for minuscule inclusions and flaws under a stereo binocular microscope at 10X magnification.

Diamond viewings at Kush Diamonds are a cut above the rest. Most stores will present you with a limited number of diamonds to view, but at Kush Diamonds you have unlimited options by being able to view the wide range of wholesale loose diamonds at our Melbourne store. Once you’ve told us your exact preferences and budget, our gemmologists will present a selection of loose diamonds for you to view in a 1:1 service. Our diamond viewings are completely free of charge and you are not obligated to make any commitment or buy at the end.

All diamond viewings need to be booked in advance through the online form here.

Step 4: Design a unique wholesale diamond engagement ring

In addition to the price, having the freedom to design your very own, bespoke engagement ring is a great benefit to buying wholesale loose diamonds.

Select a GIA diamond shape

The first step in designing your bespoke engagement ring is to select the GIA shape and cut of your preference. Click here to see the 8 different diamonds shapes and their specifications and differences.

Each diamond shape has unique attributes that can appeal to different personalities. To find out which diamond shape suits you or your partner’s personality, click here to view our guide.

Designing your engagement ring

Once you’ve selected the loose diamond in the preferred shape, the next step is to select the setting of the centre diamond and any feature diamonds you want to add to it.

You can go through our sample engagement rings which include; halo, solitaire, side stone and three-stone rings, to name a few. 

You can also design a ring that’s completely unique. Whichever option you choose, our gemmologist and onsite master craftsman will work to craft a piece that’s elegant, everlasting and uniquely you.

Financing Options Available

Don’t let a limited budget stand in the way of buying the perfect wholesale loose diamond and designing a bespoke

engagement ring. Kush Diamonds have partnered with TLC payments solutions to provide you with financial assistance for your diamond needs.

Get in touch with us to know more or apply directly online.


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