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What’s so different about GIA certified diamonds?

Marquise Cut Diamond

When shopping for diamonds, there are three letters to keep in mind – GIA. They represent the Gemological Institute of America and are your ticket to an independently assessed diamond. Since 1934, this body has represented the peak of global diamond evaluation. In 2005 they broke new ground once again with the introduction of the Diamond Cut Grading System. Many years of research produced a standard against which round cut brilliant diamonds could be allocated into one of five classes. GIA Certified diamonds can give you surity about the quality. At this stage other diamond shapes, such as emerald, heart or princess, are not part of this system.

Deciding to purchase a diamond that has passed through the GIA process offers great peace of mind to the purchaser, they can be sure that each stone has gone through a tight assessment process. At Kush Diamonds we choose to only use GIA certified diamonds, so you can be absolutely certain that whichever item of our exclusive jewellery you choose it comes certified to this high benchmark.

Every stone is accompanied by a certificate from GIA, giving a full report on each aspect of the diamond. The document itself is highly advanced to protect against forgery and contains features such as a hologram and micro details that are extremely difficult to duplicate. In addition, reports can be crossed checked against the GIA database to verify that the information it contains is an exact match to the original details.

The ethical sourcing of diamonds is of a concern to many people and you can be sure of its provenance with the GIA. The Kimberley Process introduced in 2002 was the result of extensive negotiations between the diamond industry, governments and other organisations to place controls over the trading of uncut diamonds. It has virtually eliminated the former lucrative trade in diamonds sold to fund illegal militia in Africa.

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