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Diamonds and COVID19

To all our fellow small businesses out there doing it tough right now, our heart goes out to you. Diamonds and COVID19 is a combination on which we are going to talk about. Stay strong, we will overcome this.

The coronavirus has been taking a heavy toll on the global diamond sector which saw an almost immediate impact from the lockdown and isolation measures globally. It is a scary time in the diamond trade, which could well lead the diamond industry into a recession we believe. Sudden stops in economic activity caused by lockdowns and other quarantine measures have the potential to create longer-term disruptions however we will not stop, we will grow stronger during this pandemic and our value in life has never been more clear. Diamonds and COVID19 can not last together so send us your enquiries.

Please contact us with all potential enquiries to info@kushdiamonds.com.au . We will be assisting all clients throughout the pandemic and should appointments be necessary face-face we are taking all necessary precautions to protect ourselves and yourselves.

Stay safe and be kind.

Rough Diamonds
De Beers Rough Diamond sorting

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