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Diamond Care and Cleaning Guide

How to Look After Your Diamonds

Did you know that diamonds are one of the hardest natural minerals on earth, yet they require special care to keep their shine and looking their absolute best? A diamonds sparkle can be lost simply by the mere touch of a finger, which can cause dirt to collect on a diamond.

Many ladies (and men) question the best method to care for their diamond or diamonds and I am here to let you know that caring for a diamond is simple and not as hard as it may seem. Why invest in such a precious stone (the rarest of all gemstones) then disregard its beauty and rarity by not treating it with the special care it requires. The best way to keep your diamond in pristine condition is to clean it regularly! Cleaning is recommend every couple of weeks.

The best way to clean your diamond jewellery is with these 4 elements- warm water, dishwashing detergent, ammonia (this can be bought in your local supermarket) and a toothbrush. You may have heard of the ultrasonic jewellery cleaners which we use in our workshop when cleaning in all stages of jewellery creation, however, there is no need to go out and buy this piece of equipment for a home setting. Ultrasonic cleaners are great and superior however when it comes to the volume of diamonds you are looking after don’t waste time, space or money!

Steps in Cleaning Your Diamond

1.ย In a bowl place warm-hot water, add dishwashing detergent and a small amount of ammonia

2.ย Place the jewellery in the mixed water and let it soak for a few minutes

3. Remove the jewellery from the bowl and clean gently with the toothbrush using the liquid from the bowl.ย Rub the toothbrush gently against all sides of the diamond- the crown (top), pavilion (bottom) as well as all side facets. As your diamond is most likely set in jewellery make sure you brush all over and in between all grooves of the diamond and jewellery.

5. Wash your diamond jewellery under clean warm water until the dishwashing residue is removed

Cleaning is the most important element of diamond care, however there are points that you must be aware of:

  • Not all gemstones are as hard as diamonds (diamond is the hardest of all gemstones), and some can easily be scratched with a toothbrush. Be sure to check the best method for cleaning your particular gemstone if you are not cleaning a diamond
  • Fragile settings and older estate jewelry may require an extra soft touch when washing
  • If you are aware that your diamond has been treated or is a synthetic special care must be taken

Finally, avoid harmful solutions. Chlorine (household bleach) or abrasives (such as household cleansers or toothpaste) should never be used when cleaning diamonds, especially those set in jewelry. These types of products can erode some of the metals used in diamond settings, and they may loosen prongs or even dissolve the metal completely. This is why all jewellery should be removed when washing dishes, cooking and doing household chores. Also avoid wearing your diamonds during physical activity such as the gym. Sweat and other greasy substances tend to bead up on the surface, adding to dirt layers on the diamond and precious metals.

Always remember how precious your diamond is when wearing it on a day-to-day basis. Be careful to avoid knocking it or getting caught on any surfaces. Treat you diamonds as you would your favourite designer handbag or outfits! This does not mean avoid wearing your jewellery and only bringing it out for special occasions, we urge and love women and men who wear their diamond jewellery from day to day!

Are there any more topics you would love some advice on? Feel free to drop us an email- info@kushdiamonds.com.au

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