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Why are Certified Diamonds Different?

octagonal diamond

Have you been considering designing your own diamond ring? If so, loose diamonds will be something that you need. Whether it’s an out of the ordinary engagement ring, a wedding band or eternity ring make sure that those rocks are GIA certified. What does that mean? It means that the Gemological Institute of America has assessed and documented the stone via their independent auditing process. It’s your ticket to being certain of what you are buying and having the full facts of the diamond, or diamonds, that you are considering.

By opting for certified diamonds you can be confident that they have been sourced ethically and are not being used to support illegal or violent regimes in their country of origin. The detailed certificate that accompanies each stone also fully discloses its features and characteristics. This level of information affords great peace of mind for buyers and wholesalers alike. Renowned jeweller,Kush Diamonds,opt only to work with diamonds certified by this process, crafting bespoke rings for their discerning clients. They offer a wide range to choose from and an obligation free viewing can be arranged in their attractive Melbourne city showroom. Their knowledgeable team will walk you through the process and discuss each aspect to help you reach your decision.

This is a company that is unique in Australia, as besides being a jeweller they are also a gemstone wholesaler. This enables them to offer a complete one stop shop to customers, from ring design and production to sourcing the diamonds themselves. This not only simplifies the process for buyers, they also reap the cost savings by cutting out any middlemen. With forty years in the business, you can feel confident in the care and expertise offered by this renowned jeweller that calls the stylish city of Melbourne its home.

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