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Bespoke Engagement Ring featuring Carré Diamonds

Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

Bespoke Engagement Rings – Kush Diamonds

Halo Style featuring Carré Diamonds

Congratulations Kim and Byron!

We were thrilled to be able to work with you to create your engagement ring.  Working with your unique taste and style coupled with your budget we were able to create a beautiful engagement ring to mirror you dream ring!

Working with our ‘Josephine’ style engagement ring and Kim’s love of carré diamonds, we created a one-off bespoke ring.

Featuring a 1.00 Carat GIA Round Brilliant Cut centre diamond and surrounding halo diamonds, we complemented this halo ring with rare carré diamonds. Carré diamonds set in the shoulders added an element of uniqueness and a wow factor which Kim and Byron were looking for.


Bespoke Engagement Ring

What is a Carré cut diamond? The Carré cut diamond is in the shape of a square. Diamonds chosen to be cut into the Carré  cut are those roughs diamonds that have a perfect shape- a crystal with pyramid shape whose sides and facets are all equal in size.  Carre cut is based on cutting straight facets shaped like steps, as opposed to polishing triangular shapes, which are used for polishing Round brilliant cut diamonds.

 Kim’s engagement ring will be perfectly complemented by a Carré diamond wedding band.

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