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An Introduction to Diamonds : A Background on this Rare & Beautiful Stone

If you’re looking to give someone you love something special and timeless, look no further than a diamond. Diamonds have been gifted for hundreds of years as symbols of love and affection. They are unmatched in their fire, hardness, and unique crystal structure. ‘Diamond’ is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which means unbreakable. Introduction to Diamonds. Diamonds are virtually unbreakable. Due to their strong crystal lattice composed of tightly packed carbon atoms, diamonds are the strongest natural stone. They offer a beauty and radiance that no other stone can quite match. Due to it’s tight crystal structure, diamonds show very few inclusions.

Certain trace minerals and/or natural radiation (ie: that emanating from the Earth itself) can color diamonds. Colored diamonds can be blue, yellow, brown, black, pink, orange, green, red and purple. Red is by far the most rare of colored diamonds. Most colored diamonds though, especially blue and pink, can fetch prices well in the millions.

One of the things that makes diamonds so special, in addition to it’s extreme hardness, is it’s ‘fire’. When diamonds take in the light, they reflect it back to the viewer, showering them with a rainbow of color. The more colors the viewer sees, the better the diamond, and the more intense it’s fire. Nothing is more beautiful, than a winking diamond flashing red, blue, orange, and violet sparks at you.

Diamonds are also famous for their brilliance; the amount of white shiny light that the viewer sees. This helps in diamonds unique luster, and how it flashes on the hand or at the ears.

Part of the reason diamonds came to be cut in the round brilliant style, is due to their natural, out of the ground shape. Diamonds come out the ground as an octahedron. An octahedron is literally a diamond shape: an 8 sided double triangle. Sometimes a perfectly shaped octahedral crystal will be pulled from the ground and these are called glassies. Collectors will buy these and leave them an uncut, sometimes just polished as a testament to mother nature’s beauty.

In addition to all of diamond’s amazing physical and optical properties, diamonds are beautiful and they make their wearer feel beautiful. Most women when wearing diamonds can’t help but stop and admire them on their own hand. When you want to make that special person in your life feel beautiful, Kush Diamonds is there to help. We can teach you everything there is to know and exactly how to view and get the best diamond, at the best price. All obligation free. Peruse our website or give us a call. Just as each diamond is unique and beautiful in it’s own way so is every woman, and doesn’t your special someone deserve the most unique and beautiful diamond you can find?

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