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A Glimpse into Platinum Jewellery

Every wondered whether there are any options other than white gold or yellow gold to set your precious diamonds? Have you ever considered creating your dream engagement ring out of platinum?

Platinum is rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals for centuries. It is the strongest, most durable metal used in jewellery creation.  This metal is naturally white, the rarest of precious metals and a secure setting for diamonds. Platinum is pure, naturally white and is kind to the skin.

The many benefits of setting your diamond in platinum include:

– It is a naturally white metal so it will not cast any of its own colour into a diamond.

– 95% pure (by comparison 18 carat gold is 75% pure), platinum never fades or tarnishes but keeps its natural white colour for a lifetime.

– As platinum is so pure, it is naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Platinum jewellery is exclusive, a statement of individuality, and desired by those in the know. Due to its unparalleled qualities it is considered eternal. It’s unequalled durability and resistance to wear makes it the most secure and protective metal, which means your jewellery, will be protected for a lifetime of wear.  Platinum is also versatile, with remarkable qualities that have led to astonishing application. The world’s greatest jewellery designers have always preferred working with platinum. Its remarkable pliability allows it to be drawn out to a fine wire, enabling the creation of intricate platinum mesh accessories which could not be fashioned from other precious metals.

Elizabeth Taylor, my inspiration and the inspiration that inspires us at KUSH Diamonds to create pieces of everlasting love, is a model of one lady that appreciated the gift of platinum. Richard Burton purchased the famous 33.19-carat, Asscher-cut Krupp diamond for Taylor in 1968, which she had set in platinum. Just a year later, Burton continued his lavish spree when he acquired for his bride the 69.42-carat, pear-shaped Burton-Taylor diamond. This flawless, D-coloured diamond was subsequently mounted as a pendent on a platinum necklace. 

For an expression of love that will last a lifetime, platinum is a perfect choice.

Platinum Jewellery


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